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Karums – the best we can make from milk

It's warm summer evening, the smell of hay is in the air, distant songs are heard...
Karums originates from the times when people woke up along with the birds and herded cattle, while the children made joyful noises in the yard waiting impatiently until the mother brings to the table all the most delicious things that can be prepared from milk.

Karums, one of the people's most-loved brands, is developed under the supervision of the best dairy masters, it is preservative-free and natural.

Karums embodies diligence, love of nature, and sincerity.

All Karums products are free from preservatives and vegetable fat. The fact that Karums is preservative-free is attested by a special symbol – a triangle – on the product’s package. The design of a Karums product is not a compulsory requirement or a professional duty. It is a conviction. A conviction that the best we can produce from milk is Karums. And the best products do not need preservatives.

Karums dairy products are free from preservatives, because we believe that milk and its natural flavour and biological nutrients are all that an adult or a child needs. The special taste of Karums products is achieved by using high quality milk and by a thorough selection of raw ingredients.

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